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The leaders in data collaboration software for business and academia are now Lumivero

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Lumivero’s software features best-in-class capabilities that enable customers to create more impact with their data.

Delivering a uniquely competitive portfolio of data collaboration solutions that includes data aggregation, organization, analysis, and reporting on research findings, decisionmakers are presented with the opportunity to create global collaborative impact with their data.


Collect and organize data from diverse, disparate sources with solutions that clearly outline opportunities for creating insights.


Access a suite of expert methods specific to your data models to see the outputs you need for confident decision-making.


Translate your findings into digestible and sharable insights for group understanding.


Measure outputs in a style that works for you.

Lumivero makes it easier to make decisions with trusted data and reliable insights.

Lumivero collectively serves hundreds of thousands of customers, team members and partners across six continents.

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