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Collaborative Data Solutions for Global Impact

Creating insights is the core of everything we do.

At Lumivero, our mission is to enable customers to organize, analyze and report on data to gain compelling new insights that spark action. Lumivero leverages the combined capabilities of leading data software solution providers, QSR International, Palisade, and Addinsoft, to empower customers in business and academia to make an impact like never before.

Lumivero team members are operating in more departments, in more functions, and in more countries across five continents. This global commitment helps us to continuing to keep our users our top priority, and positions us to provide better experiences, better support, and better products with global impact.

What we do

Designed by and for data experts, Lumivero combines trusted research methodologies with robust data collaboration capabilities to illuminate powerful new insights that help customers make decisions with confidence and increase their global collaborative impact.

Through real-time collaboration on combined qualitative and quantitative data, Lumivero will connect data in new ways to empower actionable insights and clear decision-making for individuals, teams, and enterprise users.

QSR International

QSR International

For 30+ years, QSR International has been helping leading researchers and educators uncover rich insights to address large-scale problems, improve research productivity and knowledge management, and help prepare students for a rapidly changing world.

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Palisade’s industry-leading tools simplify corporate decisions and allow organizations to strategize with confidence. Enterprise customers can assess risk and optimize decisions by leveraging data and identifying data-backed, actionable opportunities in real time.

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For over 20 years, Addinsoft has enabled customers to analyze and make decisions using their data, with controlled scope and risk. Downloaded more than 600 times each day, Addinsoft is a leading, internationally recognized specialist software publisher in statistics and applied mathematics.

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